a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.

I always tell people the work I do is combining EQ-ology and mysticism to create an entirely new personal experience and transformation. What I have created here at the store is the manifestation of what I have learned to do for myself every day and what I coach and teach in my practice. This shop represents years of transformative work and studies in Emotional Intelligence and intuitive counseling. The shop itself carries in it products and tools that are focused on heightening your emotional intelligence, helping you identify and trust your intuition and higher self, reminding you to stay present in your life and experiences, take an inward journey to understand who you are in your own life and surround yourself with healing tools that will assist you in finding your purpose whatever that may be. 

The products I carry at the shop are all sourced by me. I am always looking for artisans and unique products that are created with intention. Things that speak to healing energy, healing mind, healing body, healing spirit. Things that give us a moment of clarity or a shift in the right direction on our journey. Things that help us get unstuck.  You can’t walk through the store and not feel the energy it fosters. Positive affirmations all over the walls, beautiful jewelry, healing stones, inspirational books, emotional intelligence games and studies, candles, divination, skin care… and it changes as I find new and wonderful products that fit within the theme of self-care, self-love, personal transformation and emotional intelligence. 

This shop, my practice and this site are my way of expressing my journey outwardly. Of sharing whatever I can with anyone who wants to listen in service of personal transformation and the constant upward climb to being the best versions of ourselves every day. 

Alchemy No 119 

119 East Patrick Street | Frederick Maryland