Alchemy No.119 Store Events

Welcome to the Backyard at Alchemy 119. If you haven’t visited our outdoor space yet, you are in for a wonderful experience. Hidden in the downtown shopping area of Frederick, this little 200-year-old town house has a quaint yet rather large outdoor area with a patio and backyard environment. It is nestled between two buildings, yet it gets plenty of sunshine and stays cool in the summer months. It’s just an ideal little oasis right in our backyard and it’s a great location for outdoor experiences.

119 East Patrick Street craves people, you can feel it when you come through the shop. It is a gathering place of various people with various experiences to share. In that spirit, we have reached out to our local community of healers and teachers to create events in our backyard throughout the warm months. From May through October our backyard patio is open for wonderful workshops that cover all variations of self healing, learning, and transformation. From Emotional Intelligence discussions to magical crystal workshops we invite teachers and healers and practitioners to our beautiful little haven to share their knowledge with you. This year we will have Yoga classes, emotional intelligence workshops, tarot card readings, reflexology, aura photography, chakra classes, acupuncture, and many other opportunities for you to learn and grow on your journey.


The schedule is only just getting started and we anticipate adding even more offerings and more dates so be sure to check back each week to see what has been added.


As always if you have an idea for an event or if you or someone you know might want to participate in our backyard offerings, give us a call. We’d love to hear more about it.


Thanks for checking in and hope to see you soon!


Hugs! Pattee