Pattee Brown
Entrepreneur, Intuitive Counselor, Transformation Enthusiast, & Emotional Intelligence Coach

Throughout my life I have been on dozens of journeys and made dozens of transformations within and around my experiences. Yet, despite how different I would become with each adventure, ultimately, it’s still “Me” looking out through these eyes. My personal and professional transformations have been varied and abundant. Each iteration of Pattee Brown has provided me with experiences and life lessons that led me to embrace my true passion.  I’ve been a singer/song writer, a night club promoter/bartender, a student, an advertising executive, a brassy broad, a 400 lb. dynamo, a best friend, a codependent, a marketing professional, a girlfriend, a wife, a gay woman, a business owner, a restaurant owner, a magazine owner & executive editor, a marketing consultant, an addict, a tarot card reader, an enabler, a certified mediator, the executive director of an animal shelter, an intuitive counselor and a certified life coach… and I am sure I haven’t covered it all.  


Embracing my passion and becoming a coach and counselor took a great deal of courage on my part. I had to overcome my own limiting beliefs that I had created throughout my life.  Many of the practices and principles I now teach are ones I learned and applied to my own life and continue to do so each day.  

I acquired my coaching certification and my mediation certification, so I could officially help anyone who wants help along their journey. Throughout my many adventures I have honed my intuitive gift and I offer it to help people become unstuck. I like to say I have a gift for helping people re-calibrate their internal GPS when they are feeling lost or disoriented on their path. I am firm in the idea that I do not tell anyone anything they don’t already know, but I do teach my clients the practices and principles of emotional intelligence and various other disciplines  to make their journey easier to navigate.  I endeavor to guide my clients through the rougher patches of their journey and help them recognize the subtle indicators their internal GPS is offering that they might be missing.  


So, if you are looking here to know or understand more about Pattee Brown, it’s a complicated tale comprised of many adventures and many falls and many resurrections. 


My biggest adventure to date is walking through my journey awake. Being mindful of who I am and what I need and why I do what I do. Living intentionally.