$75 - Hour Session.

Sometimes all you need is a chance to talk through an issue. Our single session option lets you decide how much time and energy you need to invest.

$65 - Per session


Many of our clients commit to a regular session schedule for a deeper dive into their journey. Enhancing emotional intelligence and creating workable goals and action plans with accountability encourages you to discover your passions and reach your goals. 

$100 - Per session 

"What do I need to say?" When we are in conflict it can be very difficult to identify our true feelings  and even harder to find the words that express those feelings. Through our channel writing service you'll get to talk through your conflict with our intuitive counselor who will then translate what they hear into written language for you. By having the right words to express what you need/want to say in a healthy and productive way, you'll get in touch with your deepest emotions around the conflict and be able to share those thoughts and feelings if you so choose.

$75 - Hour Reading

At Alchemy 119 our Tarot readings go beyond simply drawing cards and interpreting them. We spend an hour long session discussing with you what you are looking for or struggling with and turn to the cards for guidance as to what you might need to do or consider on your journey. This experience is very interactive with you and allows you to recognize the messages coming through with an interpreter who can help you capture what the universe is offering as guidance.

3+ Packages

channel writing

single session

tarot reading

corporate Workshops



Custom Quote

Humans are our biggest resource and asset in business. Too often we put all of our attention on their technical skills, experience & education without considering their emotional development. Emotional maturity has proven to be a critical component of any successful team. A higher EQ elicits better outcomes both individually and collectively.  In our custom workshops our EQologists will develop a comprehensive practical curriculum to help you and your team work better together, be more productive and develop a more functional work environment.