Vanessa S.

From the moment I walked into her office, I felt that Pattee knew I needed her. I went from an abandoned, unloved child, crying on the floor of her downtown office, to a whole person capable of nurturing, parenting and loving herself! 

Pattee helped me heal from a lifetime of emotional abuse. She cut through to the heart of the matter, guiding me on a Socratic journey of self-questioning, allowing me to finally recognize the underlying belief systems, which had been perpetuating my misery. 

I cannot speak highly enough of Pattee’s loving, yet no nonsense approach to self-transformation. As I move forward through life, I know that I have learned vital tools to help me stay on my newfound path of balance and self love. Thank you Pattee! Meeting you was truly a winfall! 


Nicki C.

Pattee, unlike other “therapists” I’ve worked with, approaches situations from more than one dimension. She has such a strong intuition and is always on point when she reads my energy. Simultaneously, she gauges whether or not I am ready to hear a specific message and really respects my boundaries in that way. She creates such a safe space for me to uncover my deepest truths and express repressed emotions. She often will give me a simple task to work on until the next time I next see her which has always eased my way into a new perspective and uplifted my energy. She validates my pain when I need to be told it’s ok to feel the way I feel. She genuinely encourages me to grow and live my best life and it is reflected in the way she supports me. You can hear it in the authenticity in her voice. Pattee’s energy is light but also very powerful and potent. I hold her in the highest regard for very good reason. Thank you endlessly. 



I have had the privilege of being coached by Pattee for the past 5 years, and I can truly say I don’t know where’d I’d be today without her. She’s been able to help me look at myself differently, and help me put a positive twist on things that I just couldn’t seem to get past. “The only person who will make you happy is yourself, if you’re not happy with yourself then you will not be able to allow happiness in from others”. I was 15 years old when Pattee shared that with me and to this day I remind myself of that all the time. When I’m struggling with something I still ask myself what direction Pattee would help me see and I go in that direction. She taught me tools and concepts and exercise that get me through the rougher parts of my life and helped me recreate my story so I could move forward in a positive direction.  I would definitely recommend Pattee to anyone looking for some realistic positivity and true happiness within themselves. She has made a massive impact on my life and everyone deserves that. 

Baillie M