Meet Our Practitioners, Healers & Teachers

Gabrielle Phillips - Certified Yoga Instructor - Enlighten Up Wellness

Gabrielle is a 200-hr certified yoga instructor, with a background in environmental science and mindfulness.  Her passion lies in enhancing the individual’s relationship with themselves, others and their environment. Gabrielle enjoys merging physical asanas/poses with higher conscious awareness. Always being able to balance a mission of digging deeper into the self with a sense of lightheartedness.

Adrienne Ruiz - Spiritual Director - Dreamwork Practitioner

When we seem to have discovered everything in Creation, we will still be left with ourselves to understand; we will still have to bloom and dance into True Being. 

Adrienne’s passion is to initiate those seeking to Know themselves into the Mysteries that are the Whole Self.  She helps her clients enter into conscious conversation with their dreams, utilizing various approaches to dreamwork including templates, journaling, guided visualization, meditation, and ritual.  She has been trained in a range of modalities that include Eugene Gendlin’s Somatic Approach, Calvin Hall’s Conceptions, Content Analysis, Jungian Amplification and Active Imagination to name a few. 

Adrienne is a certified Law of Attraction life coach, Spiritual Director, “pretty cool mom”, voracious reader, lover of music and dance, philosophy, and life.  She believes that dreams are powerful allies when befriended. Becoming can be an arduous journey, but it is also tons of fun, downright hilarious at times, and profoundly enlightening. 

Julie Skaarup - Moon Haven School of Magic

Julie is a graduate of Hood College, and an experienced teacher of Yoga & Ayurveda (E-RYT 500, Kripalu School of Ayurveda) in the Frederick area. Julie's true passion is studying and teaching esoteric philosophy, and sharing the wisdom she has discovered through her personal magical practice. Julie reads Tarot cards and Runes, and also trains others to read these styles of divination. Her personal practice draws heavily on her ancestral heritage in the Celtic traditions, Norse traditions, and Italian/European styles of magic, while also incorporating the Vedic and Chinese wisdom that she has studied during her years as a yoga teacher. Julie loves to incorporate her many artistic passions into her spiritual craft, and is most interested in making cross-cultural revelations about spiritual truths and what it means to be human. 

Isabelle Davidowitz, L.Ac. - Points of Wellness Acupuncture

Isabelle is a Licensed Acupuncturist in the State of Maryland.  In the three year Master’s Program in Acupuncture at Maryland University of Integrative Health, she had over 3500 class and clinical hours covering physiology, anatomy, internal medicine, acupuncture theory and practical techniques. 

She is practiced in two styles of Acupuncture: Five Element and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).  Both of these styles of Acupuncture relieve pain and treats disease by restoring the normal flow of energy in the body.

Melissa Mullen-Bomango - Karuna Reiki Master Teacher

Melissa’s journey as a Healer is empowered by intuition and the universal source of light energy.  Reiki is a simple, yet powerful system that allows source energy to channel through the practitioner to the client for healing on all levels.  As an Usui Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki Master, she has mastered five skill levels which enable her to fine tune the energy transmissions for your needs.  Helping people to find peace and health and passing along the light of Reiki as a Master Teacher represents the flower of her passion to turn as many people on to their own divine nature as she possibly can.

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Anna See-Jachowski  - Tarot Intuitive, Certified Reiki Healer


Anna is a practicing intuitive tarot reader and certified Reiki healer. She identifies as a queer witch and poet, social worker and cat-mom. Anna has been providing intuitive tarot readings under the moniker IN//SIGHT for just over a year. Contact her on Instagram, Facebook, or email her at 

Jacquie Mercer, certified in Integrative Holistic Health reflexology and aromatherapy.

Jacquie Mercer has been immersed in the world of wellness since 2005. After experiencing first-hand the benefits of various holistic forms of healing in her own life while recovering from illness, she realized she needed to share her knowledge with those around her. 


Jacquie is a certified Integrative Holistic Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and has been offering health coaching services for the past 13 years. She is also certified in reflexology and aromatherapy. She is trained in aura imaging and color and light therapy. She has comprehensive knowledge and training in additional alternative and energetic modalities as well. And she is always, always, always learning more. 


Radiant Soul Studio is the home of Jacquie’s current practice. There she offers a variety of services all designed to help you release, renew, reconnect and recharge. Her aim is to support you on your journey through life.  She meets you where you are now and is there to guide you to where you’d like to be. 


Jacquie offers services in Reflexology, Aura Imaging, Wellness Consults and Color Therapy.

Maria Gracia - Intuitive Empath, Tarot Reader, Artist, Yogi.

Maria-Gracia, is an intuitive empath, a yogi, an artist, a warrior, and a student of life. She is inspired by nature, loves beauty in its many forms, mystical things, art, and getting lost in creative projects. She sees beauty and potential in others and helps them empower themselves by accessing the intelligence of their heart. She envisions the world with more freedom and bliss for herself and all other beings. She uses her combined skills to support herself and others on the path to self-realization. Her work is guided by her intuition, and she is following her inner compass.


Maria is very passionate about awakening our hearts and creating a more harmonious environment on Earth. She is guided to share and help create a more delicious and joyful reality on the planet and sees a world where we all remember and celebrate our unique beauty and divine light. Maria envisions a world where we walk as empowered humans and turn pain into wisdom.