Workshop & Services Descriptions

2020 Schedule

So... hopefully, you have been able to take this most bizarre time in our current history to be productive in your personal life. Reflect on your goals and your growth as a human being and perhaps even forge bonds with family and friends you haven't had time to talk with during your otherwise busy schedule prior to this madness. That is my hope for every person out there... because making something positive out of situations that feel negative is a most promising way to move forward in our journey.

Having said that, with all this uncertainty regarding when it's safe to do what, we haven't had a chance to set up our events for the backyard yet this summer. Currently we are reaching out to our healer friends to find out who wants to have events, what schedule they have available and what they plan to offer. We will definitely be having gatherings in the backyard especially because our outdoor space is perfect for small gatherings where we can visit and learn without worry about exposure etc. Our patio is perfect to gather under 10 people at a time, and the environment is ideal for spiritual experience, learning, mindfulness, and various practices such as yoga, reflexology and Reiki to name a few.

Please check back with us in the next few weeks. It is my hope to have some events scheduled as soon as possible and we will definitely post as we schedule to give you a heads up on what's what. In the mean time, we are here... come hang with us in the garden/patio!

2019 Schedule...
The Healing Flame Collective presents The Soul Light Journey 

Friday June 21st.  
Doors opening at 5:30 and event beginning at 6pm.  Ending at 8pm.  


Event Description: 

Live music and healing meditation?? What could be more amazing after a long week? Leave the stress of the work week behind and join The Healing Flame Collective in our beautiful back yard for an evening of healing bliss!

Gather in the beautiful garden terrace and immerse yourself in the experience of The Soul Light Journey...a divine journey combining meditation, relaxation, chakra alignment, a reiki healing energy treatment and sound healing featuring live music! This event is sure to be epic in nature and an incredible opportunity for both personal healing and social connecting.


Tickets for this event are on sale through the link below. Single tickets are $25 or $20 per ticket if more than one. Tickets onsite if there is room available will be $30. There is limited space so be sure to get your spot in advance.

Don't forget to bring a blanket or cushion for optimal comfort.


CLick here for your tickets.



















​Aura-Photography & Reflexology

Presented by Jacquie Mercer, Radiant Soul Studio

Services being offered on Saturdays from 2pm to 7pm -

May 18 June 8, June 22, July 6, July 13, August 3, August 24, September 7, September 14, October 5, October 19

Aura Photography

The aura is a reflection of our personal electromagnetic field.  The aura displays thoughts and emotions on a conscious and unconscious level, showing the energies of not only our physical aspects, but also our psychological aspects as well. This connection to body and mind can be seen in the colors of the energy field in an aura photo as they pulse around the physical body.


Session Pricing

Mini Photo Session 1 - $10 1 Aura Photo *

Mini Photo Session 2 - $20 Aura & Chakra *

Mini Photo Session 3 - $25 Aura & Chakra Before & After using Aura Spray *

*Photos will be texted or emailed to you after the session



Reflexology is a science based on the principle that there are reflex areas on the hands and feet that correspond with all the different areas of the body. Using the thumb and fingers on these points, reflexology helps the body to restore its balance naturally.  Usually, after a treatment tension is reduced and you may feel nicely relaxed. 


Session Pricing

Mini Hand Session - 20 minutes  $20  Includes essential oils and hot towel wrap.


SSB Summer Skin Care Product Review and Consultation
Saturday June 29th - 10am to 2pm

Summer is finally here and now it’s time to get your skin and skin care routine in tip-top shape as we head into these hot and humid summer months! Come out to Alchemy 119 and join Street Smart Beauty CEO Rachel Christy for a 20 minute one-on-one skin care product review.


(Bring your skin care products with you!)

What to expect from a SSB consult? A Street Smart Beauty consultation is a methodical and logical approach to skin care, designed to give you the expertise and confidence to select, purchase and use skin care products that are best for you! We believe every person should become their own skin care expert. Empower yourself and schedule a consult today!


Register here:

Walk-Ins Welcome!


Inside the Review and Consult:

  1. Establish a baseline assessment of your current skincare conditions and routine (morning and evening).

  2. Skin care Product Review: Product Type, Use in routine and Ingredient review.

  3. Identify those products that are working well, as well as products and routines that may be unnecessary.

  4. Provide you with customized recommendations on effective skin care products and the techniques and instructions on HOW to use them.

  5. The goal is to educate and empower you to make decisions that are best for your individual skin care needs.


Price: $30



Tarot Card Readings with Anna See-Jachowski of In//Sight

Sessions are $30 for a 15 to 25 minute reading and $40 for a 30 to 45 minute reading.

Enjoy some quality time with your higher self by having your tarot cards read here at Alchemy 119.  The tarot is in essence a soul map, a deep psychological guide to self-empowerment as imaged through 78 symbolic cards. The process of tarot reading is known as synchronicity. In synchronicity, there is no distinction between the inner and the outer. The choice of a card is exactly what your higher self already knows. This is what tarot interpreters call the conversation with your higher self. The cards always work because tarot cards are a sacred mirror to your higher self.

On First Saturday in May, June, August and October, Join Anna See-Jachowski of In//Sight, in our backyard for a mini or extended tarot card reading and commune with your higher self to find the guidance you desire on your journey.


Introduction to Qigong (Chee - Kung)

Moving Meditation with Chris Crawford Lloyd

Saturday at 10am on  June 22nd & 29th, July 6th & 13th, Aug 3rd, 17th & 24th

Many people know that meditation is something they want and even need to practice, but the idea of sitting still with an empty mind is either unappealing or overwhelming in practice.

Qigong (chee-kung) is the skill of working with life-force energy. It is the oldest form of Chinese Medicine. It predates acupuncture and Tai chi. Tai chi is actually a form of Qigong. It is a mind-body-spirit practice that improves one’s mental and physical health by integrating posture, movement, breathing technique, self-massage, sound and focused intent.

Qigong for self-care is a form of gentle exercise composed of movements that are repeated a number of times:

  • Stretches the body;

  • Increases fluid movement (blood, synovial and lymph);

  • Warms the tendons, ligaments and muscles;

  • Tonifies vital organs and connective tissue; and

  • Builds awareness of how the body moves through space.

Self-care classes offer a relaxing atmosphere where everyone benefits from the free flow of Qi. No special outfit is needed – whatever allows for ease of movement. The exercises can be done standing, sitting or lying down depending on a person’s constitution.


Join Chris Crawford Lloyd in our beautiful backyard and learn how to reconnect to your body. Learn how to use your mind and breath to promote a state of stillness and presence that is relaxing and “meditative”.

Classes $15 per session


9 Session Dreamwork Workshop

Presented by Adrienne Ruiz, Spiritual Director

This 9 week course will take place on Thursdays from 6pm to 8pm or Sundays from 10am to Noon
(See specific dates below - Entire course will be $360 for 9 sessions or you can pay S40 per session on site. Each class will have a total of 6 students so seats are limited. If you want to reserve a spot before tickets go on sale May 15th, please email Adrienne at


What is Dreamwork?

The practice of dreamwork can be likened to housing a foreign exchange student whose language you do not yet speak.  At first you begin to slowly decipher his/her speech, becoming proficient in the symbolic language over time… then it dawns on you that this foreign exchange student is no student… but the wisest Teacher you could never have dreamed up yourself.  This Teacher, you learn, can see into things in ways that baffle the conscious mind.  Befriended, this Teacher becomes your powerful ally. 

Dreamwork is the journey from analysis and interpretation to becoming conversational and developing action plans with your psyche.   Dreams reveal hidden levels of Being, offer inspiration and solutions to problems, enlighten us to what may come.  Every undeciphered dream is like an urgent, unopened letter.  In this course we will explore various techniques used to decode the language of our dreams and examine ways to interact with them.  We will delve into how dreams have altered the course of history and their potential to change ours.  We will learn to incubate dreams for problem solving and use meditation techniques for purification and balance.  We will discuss the power of ritual, prayer, and meditation to affect change in our dream, as well as waking, life.



Each class will include open discussion, dream sharing, meditation practice, and journaling.  You will be given homework in the form of templates to record your dreamlife so as to familiarize yourself with the coursework and bring to class for group interpretation exercises.


Session 1- Thursday June 20th or Sunday June 23rd

Introduction to Dreamwork. – In our introductory class we will review ethics and confidentiality, Dreamwork as a psychological discipline, Dreamwork as a mystical practice throughout history, the importance of accessing intuition for guidance, and review examples of dreams that have changed the course of history, art, & literature.


Session 2 – Thursday June 27th or Sunday June 30th

Week 2 we will discuss Greek beliefs, Law of Mental Gender (Feminine/Masculine, Negative/Positive, Moon/Sun, Dark/Light, Receiver/Giver), Conscious and Subconscious Mind, the importance of cleansing before undertaking any psychological or spiritual journey, establishing personal dream rituals, Alchemical Cleansing Meditation (Solar King/Lunar Queen), opening up consciously directed discussion with the Subconscious mind.


Session 3 - Thursday July 11th or Sunday July 14th

This week we will focus on the wordplay found in dreams- metaphor, puns.  We will look at what hidden conceptions our dreams voice, look at dreams in the Hebrew tradition, and begin the Kabbalistic Middle Pillar exercise. 


Session 4 – Thursday July 18th or Sunday July 21st

Week 4 we will discuss the importance of taking action when given a dream, emotions in dream and dream healing potentiality.  We will look at dreams in the Hindu tradition and work with a channel clearing meditation.


Session 5 - Thursday July 25th or Sunday July 28th

In week 5 we will discuss Aesculapius and healing dream temples of Ancient Greece, work with Somatic healing visualizations, and touch on sexuality in dreams.


Session 6 – Thursday August 1st or Sunday August 4th

During week 6 we will take a look at Dream Doctor case studies, discuss the dangers of ignoring dreams where health is highlighted, discuss the tri-part nature of man, and how dreams evolve when action is taken.


Session 7-  Thursday August 8th or Sunday August 11th

Here we will explore Spiritual aid in dreams throughout history, the power of prayer as incubation, dreams and demons, banishing and transmutation.


Session 8 - Thursday August 15th or Sunday August 18th

We interpret dreams utilizing your chosen analysis techniques (handouts given in previous weeks), play with a Word Association technique for clarification of unknowns, create an action plan.


Session 9 – Thursday August 22nd or Sunday August 25th

We will review by analyzing dream content over the previous 8 weeks, reflect on dreams as ongoing conversation, select how to best maintain the conversation individually, discuss epiphanies that occurred and connections you became aware of.  Course review.



Working with Wands - Sunday July 14th 1pm to 4pm

Presented by Julie Skaarup of Moon Haven School of Magic

Tickets for this class are available at Moon Haven School of Magic. Click on this link to get your seat. 

Have you ever been entranced by the selection of beautiful wooden wands but are uncertain of how to use one? This workshop will give you the knowledge and tools you need to start working with these beautiful, organic tools to direct energy and create sacred space. Julie Skaarup will discuss the practical uses of a wooden wand, some history of their magical use in various traditions, as well as information about different trees and how their wand wood might behave. She'll explore how to use a wand to prepare sacred space for energy work, meditation, and other spiritual practices. You do not need to own a wand to participate in this workshop. If you have your own wand we encourage you to bring it along.  And of course, you can always purchase one of our locally handcrafted wands here at the shop.  We also recommend you bring a journal so you can take notes as Julie is a fountain of information and you’ll want to capture everything she teaches in this class. Of course, if you need a new journal, we have those for sale here too.


Runes Workshop - Sunday August 11th 1pm to 5pm

Presented by Julie Skaarup of Moon Haven School of Magic


Tickets for this class are available at Moon Haven School of Magic. Click on this link to get your seat.  


More than a divination system, runes can be used to direct energy and manifest your intentions! Learn how to work with these ancient symbols in this empowering workshop event.

Do you love tarot, or working with pendulums? Do you offer or receive energy work? Adding the wisdom of the runes to your intuitive and energetic practices can be an excellent way to empower yourself to use the subtle energies around you to manifest your intentions! Join MoonHaven co-founder Julie Skaarup to learn more about these ancient symbols, and how to use them to direct energy and anchor intention, just like you would use a crystal with its own energy signature. While these symbols are often used as a divinatory tool, like the tarot, there is so much more that you can do with them to enrich your spiritual practices. Bring a journal and an open mind as we dive in to this special magical tradition!



Guided Meditation and Reiki -
Sunday - 4pm to 6pm - June 23, July 21, August 18, September 22

Presented by Melissa Mullen-Bomango, Karuna Reiki Master Teacher

Suggested donation is $10 and helps to defray the cost of needs-based discounted Reiki Sessions provided by Integral Reiki Center for Healing.

Enjoy an evening of guided meditation with Reiki Energy channeled by Karuna Reiki Master Melissa Mullen-Bomango. These donation-based open forum Reiki meditations are a guided experience in our backyard space. Come enjoy the release of stress, anxiety and dis-ease as well as connection to Source. Afterwards, attendees are invited to ask questions or share experiences with Melissa and socialize in our beautiful patio environment. This is a great opportunity to sample the Reiki experience, build meditation skills, and learn in an open forum. 

Visit to learn more about Melissa and her various events.


Gentle Flow Yoga

Thursdays - 5:45 to 7pm and Sundays - 10am till 11:30am

Presented by Gabrielle Phillips of Enlighten Up Wellness

Gentle flow yoga – Join Gabrielle Phillips of Enlighten Up Wellness for a truly unique and life affirming yoga practice in our beautiful and peaceful backyard environment. With a blend of restorative to moderate yoga sequences infused with meditation, mindfulness and other wellness methodologies, Gabrielle will take you on a journey of transformation.

Thursday Evenings 

June 20
July 11
August 1, 22, 29
September 19
October 10


Sunday Mornings 

June 9, 30
July 28th
August 11th
September 8, 29





Make Your Own Sugar Scrub!

Saturday June 8th, 10am to 2pm


Join Street Smart Beauty CEO Rachel Christy and her SSB Sugar Scrub Mixing Bar in the back yard here at Alchemy 119! From 10 am-2pm Rachel will be helping guests create their own custom sugar scrub by choosing from more than 30 ingredient combinations, as well as desired richness and exfoliation levels. ⁣


In addition to the mixing bar, guests can also experience educational mini-workshops hosted by Rachel at the top of the hour between 10-1pm. Mini-workshops will include an overview of sugar scrub basics plus tips and trick on how to use them. ⁣

Inside the mini-workshop guests will learn:

  • Overview of manual exfoliation

  • Brief overview of skin type, skin pH, natural ingredients, eco-friendly/sustainable ingredients and common sugar scrub ingredients.

  • Basic sugar scrub recipe

  • Answering FAQs on when to use them (ie before or after washing, before or after shaving)

  • Techniques on how to apply sugar scrubs. Also emphasizing where not to apply.


Scrub Pricing

Full size scrub specifications: 8 ounce (volume) scrub placed in an eco-friendly BPA –free, reusable and recyclable packaging with label. Mini size scrub: 2oz scrub placed in a plant-based PLA plastic that are fully compostable with label.


Full size: $18/ $25 (blending with jasmine, rose and vanilla absolutes)

Mini size: $4.00/ $10 (blending with jasmine, rose and vanilla absolutes)

Registration is FREE.

Register here:

Walk-ins Welcome⁣